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Idaho National Laboratory

State Resource Assessment Reports

The resource assessment has been completed for 49 states (no report was generated for Delaware because of scarce resources). The completed work has identified 5,677 sites in the United States with undeveloped capacity of about 30,000 MW.

You may view an individual state report by clicking on the United States map below. Some paper versions of these reports had photos which are not included in these online versions.

The main part of each report is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

The appendices are in text format and are described below.

Appendix A summarizes the hydropower capacity for the state
Appendix B lists the hydropower capacity alphabetically by River Basin, with the stream name/plant name arranged alphabetically under each river basin
Appendix C lists these sites numerically by FERC number
Appendix D provides a page on each site, listing all the environmental factors, KW capacity, location, owner's name, etc. and is organized by FERC number

Please note that the State Resource Assessment Reports reflect the data and resources that were available at the time the report was generated. These resources may have changed since then due to changes in laws, new hydropower development, and the impact of deregulation. Please contact the state resource person named in the report for current information.

Select a state to view the report.

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