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Idaho National Laboratory

Virtual Hydropower Prospector
Data Sources

Feature SetSourceVintageURL
Water Energy Resource Sites (All)Idaho National Laboratory2004
Resource Assessment Report - Water Energy Resources of the United States with Emphasis on Low Head/Low Power Resources - DOE/ID-11111
Potential ProjectsIdaho National Laboratory2005
Resource Assessment Report - Feasibility Assessment of the Water Energy Resources of the United States for New Low Power and Small Hydro Classes of Hydroelectric Plants, DOE/ID-11263, January 2006
BoRBureau of Reclamation2011
(see report Hydropower Resource Assessment at Existing Reclamation Facilities)
Major RiversEnvironmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) - U.S. Rivers (Generalized)2008
Detailed StreamsEnvironmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) (hydroln)2000
WaterbodiesNational Atlas of the United States & Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) - U.S. National Atlas Water Feature Areas2008
Wild and Scenic RiversNational Atlas of the United States Parkways & Scenic Rivers2005
NHDU.S. Geological Survey2004
EDNAU.S. Geological Survey2002
Power System (All)Global Energy Decisions2004
Primary Roads Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) (U.S. Major Roads) 2000
All RoadsBureau of Transportation Statistics Dynamap/10001999
RailroadsEnvironmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) (railroads)2000
Areas & Places 
CitiesEnvironmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) (cities_dtl)2000
Populated PlacesEnvironmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) (placeply)2000
County BoundariesEnvironmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) Tele Atlas North America - U.S. Counties2008
State BoundariesEnvironmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) Tele Atlas North America - U.S. States2008
Hydrologic RegionsU.S. Geological Survey2002
Land Use 
Excluded AreasConservation Biology Institute2005
Excluded AreasNational Atlas of the United States Federal & Indian Lands Parkways & Scenic Rivers2002
BIANational Renewable Energy Laboratory2005
BLM, BOR, DOD, FS, FWS, NPS Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) (Subset of fedland.shp)2003
Background Maps 
Color Shaded ReliefEnvironmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) - North America Shaded Relief (Modified)2008
Satellite ImageryEnvironmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) - Imagery_World_2DStreaming Feed
Topographic ReliefEnvironmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) - World_Topo_MapStreaming Feed

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